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Learning about Tax & SSO

The direct tax, the value-added tax, and the social security charges have been on the rise in recent years, as the government was trying to cut its reliance on oil sales by generating new revenue sources. Changing the rates as well as modifying the scope of the taxes makes having a current knowledge of the tax regulations a necessity for businesses that want to engage with the local market.

On the other hand, the government has been providing some exemptions and discounts on multiple occasions to encourage investment and production in Iran. Knowing the extent of these exemptions can create significant savings for businesses, both local and international.

Thus, it is crucial for foreign companies to first understand the regulations applicable to their business and to make their entry decisions in such a way to efficiently manage their expenses and increase their margins.

Our tax advisory service provides consultancy by a team of experienced tax advisors with extensive experience in consulting foreign companies’ ventures. Our team helps clients implement practical strategies for efficient management of their cash flows so that they can focus on the growth of their business in the new market.

New regulatory environments in MENA are primarily unknown to foreign businesses. Highly regulated markets, higher government interventions compared to most European and East Asian countries, and numerous overlapping laws cause complications for running your business in this region.

Our lawyers advise you with the best practices of engaging in the region, providing you with details of the laws and their implications for running your business.

Facilities provided by RepDesk® Services will include:

Also, there are industry specific regulations, which provide additional requirements for your business:

Our lawyers will advise you based on your specific business.

Our team at IranPartner will provide the above services to those foreign companies that are interested in entering the Iranian Market.

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