Company Formation

Recruitment and Work Permit.

Successful results come with successful people.

Whether you are setting up a marketing office or creating your technical team, you will be sourcing talents from the local communities.

Recruiting for top management positions requires an intimate familiarity with the landscape of your industry and having an existing network of experienced professionals to come up with a sufficiently big pool of candidates to choose the right person.

For the lower level employees, however, you will need to advertise your position and tap into the professional circuits to find capable people that match your specific requirements and at the same time match your company culture.

Moreover, a lack of knowledge of the mandates of the labor law and the social security act which impose limitations on employer-employee relationships, contract forms, and compensation packages will create unnecessary complications and result in costly consequences for the new venture.

With your new business, there are cases where you may decide to use non-local managers to mobilize your company in the new market, or you may need to bring your technical staff to start the operations. In such cases, the foreign staff need to obtain visa with work permits.

Not receiving the permit for your foreign staff will result in tax and labor fines for your company, so it is important to take the necessary steps in advance.

Our consultants support you through the process of receiving your work & residence permits by providing detailed steps you will need to take and the necessary documents. We will then apply for the permit and follow-up on the procedure until the issue of the permits.

Our recruitment advisory service is a comprehensive package that covers both the hiring process and the compensation and contractual relationship. By choosing the package, you will:

Our team at IranPartner will provide the above services to those foreign companies that are interested in entering the Iranian Market.

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