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Think outside the box

“Think outside the box” is probably one of the most frequently used phrases of all time. Every individual has some kind of affiliation with the sentence; Whether they said it themselves, heard it or it was implemented into their lives. There is a reason for its popularity.  And what is that? Keep on reading.
People in business tend to live inside a proverbial box; Meaning as time goes by their brains gets more and more entrenched into familiar patterns and habits. Basically, the brain creates a safe-zone consisting of our patterns of thought, habits, and routines. This natural phenomenon can be damaging to a creative-driven platform; If people just started accepting things as the way they were, there would no longer be innovation or improvement in the world.
To think outside the box means to think free of any boundaries or self-put limitations; To consider different paths to your destination. It is humanity’s advantage over machines.
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  1. Farzad 6 months ago

    Think outside the box! Great.

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