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Hello Everyone, this is Saghi from Zee, and today we’re going to talk about some of the fundamentals of User Experience design. Ease of use is one of the most basic concepts in UX design that need special attention and time when it comes to developing an app or better yet putting out any product.

In other words, usability creates specific measurements, defined by the team, for every project.

These measurements aim for effectiveness, satisfaction, and efficiency which leads to an easy yet useful final product.

As amazing as Usability is, it won’t single-handedly lead you to market success.

There are several other factors that go hand in hand with usability

to create the perfect User Experience or UX.

Creating the right interface by utilizing usability measurements and protocols

is not a piece of cake,

but it will make your users fall in love with the product,

your brand, and the overall experience.


How to have good usability?

Now, to achieve such a thing,

you can start by changing the question.

Instead of “Is my product easy enough for users to interact and get things done effortlessly?”

you might ask

“How can I break down and minimize every complexity users might face?”

I am merely scratching the surface on usability, UX and UI standards;

the vast amount of science and data behind these terms can be overwhelming to some start-ups

or fully developed companies looking to expand.

It even scared me a little when I first learned about the terms.

But just like any other impossible notion, that excellency no longer seemed so unattainable once I saw it happen.


How Can Zee Help?

Now what we can do for you

is to create a User Interface and User Experience integrating system that is scientifically approved

and is designed for maximum satisfaction.


Thank you for your time

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