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Hello everyone! This is Niloofar from Zee. Welcome to our first episode of “Online Apparel Store.”

Given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, recent analyses suggest a notable increase in online shopping.

But apart from the fact that online shops let us keep our social distance and each other safe, let’s focus on the advantages of owning an online store:

The first and most obvious point is:

New Customers – Broader Horizons

While with a local physical store, you can only reach out to a certain number of clients, your online shop could be as broad as the Globe itself. With the help of a virtual shop, new customers will come forward as you are open to the world.

High expenses? Cut them out with your Online Shop

Compared to the traditional shops, many of your costs, like utility bills, location rent, equipment maintenance, and decorations, would be eliminated. You won’t even necessarily need a stock either, but more on that later! Consequently, there will be more room for you to offer more competitive prices to your clients.

No Time Schedule is yet another advantage of running a virtual shop 

Not only are you open to the world, but you are also open 24/7. Your online shop is always sitting there with open arms to welcome your unlimited clients without extra effort.

More is more! Give your clients extensive information on the products

E-commerce makes additional information instantly available to customers. You can provide every single detail a buyer might need, even the reviews of other buyers. After all, good quality speaks for itself.

Be on track – Accurately Target your Clients

Using the information on your online customer database, you can learn about your clients. Let’s say your female customers are shopping for clothes. Based on their search history, you can offer similar products. Additionally, for different female-oriented events, you can reach out to these customers with targeted promotions and therefore, boost your Customer Loyalty.

Speaking of targeted communications, does it really matter that you learn about your customer’s psychological shopping behavior? As a matter of fact, that’s the very key to your success. Stay tuned for a more precise discussion on this subject. Thank you for your time and see you in our next episode.

  1. Saman Alavi 6 months ago

    Very useful video.

  2. Amir Abedi 6 months ago

    Wow , I Like that!

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