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Core Values based Content for the Win!


What are the core values?

The Core Values of a brand define it’s initiative, beliefs, and principles that guide your team through every possible aspect of the business; You might as well call it a brand compass. According to recent research, 80% of consumers forget all about branded content in 3 days. Meaning all the content and resources that your brand has been putting out, only had a 20% chance of sticking to a potential client’s mind longer than 3 days.

How to interpret core values into your content

Now, the question here is whether the brand’s communications, visuals, and actions had left a lasting impression on your audience? But the better question would be “how well are your represented assets interpreting the core values of your brand?” and whether or not you’ve defined those values well enough.
The team has to choose these values carefully; infused in every decision and embedded in the brand DNA. On top of being a guide book for every employee throughout your business journey; Brand values influence consumer decisions as well, therefore they have a significant impact on your sales and profit.

Core Values impact your sales

People buy from brands that share their values. Defining these values is not a one day task; as they need to be revised and kept aligned with what your brand represents. To put your mind at ease, here at Zee we will guide your brand through the value defining the process and make sure your business thrives with a strong and true foundation.

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